Rochester Bridge Clubs
Rochester Bridge Clubs
Please join us for bridge in Rochester.
All Games are sanctioned and are played
at the Rochester Athletic Club. [Directions]

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Congratulations to Barbara Wijdicks, new Life Master!!  She made that last fraction of a point Thursday night, Nov. 13.  The celebration will be Dec. 3, after the Wednesday game, at Ann Van Ryn's home.  Come and party; bring a snack if you can.

Mentor/mentee partnerships are going on all through November. Good luck to all!  Thanks to our mentors willing to help our emerging players!!

Out of town guests:

Please call Sue Greenberg, club manager: (507) 365-8236

Local partnership availability, Please call
John Ryder: (507) 208-4781;  email: 
When John is gone , please call Carol Mahoney (507) 208-4548 
or email
If you have given your name to John or Carol and subsequently find a partner, please let them know.


Nov. 12 Board meeting summary: presentations by Arne about changes to website and Barbara W. and John R. re: Rochester tournament;  will be looking for a new volunteer(s) to replace John R. and Carol M. for partnership lists; checkbook balance as of 10/15/14 - 3047.76 (Nov. RAC rent outstanding); approved increase in rent for next year to $1200/month; survey re: Monday games will be mid-January after new board meets; received the nominating committee report; set next meeting for Jan. 7, 2015

2014 Board members: Marg Lichty,  John Ryder, Layne Vinje, Jane Trahms, Genny Rice, Judy Argue, Dick Estry, Dorothy Haukom, Syl Sterioff, (Sue Greenberg - Club Manager - ex-officio; Darlene Enderson - Treasurer - ex-officio)

President -  Marg Lichty;  President Elect - Layne Vinje; Secretary - Dorothy Haukom; Treasurer - Darlene Enderson


Rochester Bridge
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MEETS ON: Time: Master Points
Monday Afternoon 12:15PM ... arrive by noon Open pairs (no pair averaging)
0-499 (pair average for stratification only)
Monday Evening 6:30PM ... arrive by 6:15PM Open
Wednesday Afternoon 12:30PM ... arrive by 12:15PM Open
Thursday Evening 6:30PM ... arrive by 6:15PM 0-999 (pair average for stratification only)
Friday Afternoon 12:30PM ... arrive by 12:15PM Open
 Announcements Tournaments

Providence NABC 
November 27 - Dec 7

Holiday Sectional
  December 5-7
   St Paul, MN

District 14 STaC games
 at the club - Dec. 8-12

Upcoming Sectional and Regional Tournaments

North American Bridge Championships

District 14 Website



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